Open House



“Open House” Gala

Do An Event designed a “living in harmony” themed event to celebrate the joining of two different firms sharing one corporate home. We chose a lime green and black color scheme that popped against the natural architectural features of this immense 2-story office building. A wine station and pianist, playing show tunes greeted guests as they walked up the elegant black carpet runner, lined with eye-level birdcages (houses). Hanging, were luscious wire baskets filled with vibrant lime colored florals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Inside sharing the houses were singing green canaries and calm goldfish in bowls!

Guest passed through the lobby and a food station to reach the rear gardens and a 500-foot-long gazebo. There, culinary mates paired with perfect wines at each of the 5 tasting stations. A palette cleansing station offered various sparkling waters, fresh citrus wedges and homemade sorbet spoons. Live Latin jazz shared the air with cigar billows from the cabana lounge. Valet accepted cars at the front entrance and offered pick-up service from the rear exit. No detail was ignored and every opportunity was made.

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